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Rules & guidelines


You will have 20 days to complete 20 icons featuring your chosen subject.

These icons will be divided as: 10 themed icons, 5 category icons, and 5 artist’s choice


  1. You're free to choose any subject so long as it's animated, this includes cartoons, CG, anime, etc. Animated works by a musician or celebrity (ex. music videos) are also accepted.

  2. You can claim either a single character or a show/film.

  3. Your icons must be new and made for the round. They must also meet LJ’s standard requirements of 40kb or under and be 100x100. Animated icons are accepted so long as they meet the requirements.

  4. You can post your icons to your own journal or community, however they must be made public for the duration of the round.


  • If you’ve participated in the round you must vote. If you don't votes you've received won't be counted. This is just to ensure participation.

  • Avoid bias when voting. You should judge an icon based on overall technique and composition, not on it's subject.

  • Do not vote for yourself or get friends to vote for you.
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